Inspired by Antwerp, diamond capital since 1447, and fashion, Pavels Collection created unique leather handbags with diamond-adorned clasps.

For centuries, there has been a strong connection between Antwerp and diamonds. From October 2017 to February 2018, the City of Antwerp organized a dedicated Diamond Year – a festive period full of events to celebrate the unique, 570-year bond between the City of Antwerp and the diamond industry.

In the year 1447, when it all started, Antwerp was in full expansion, marking the early period of the Golden Century. Approximately 100 years later, the famous bookbinder and leather worker Christoffel Plantijn moved from France to Antwerp. Five years later, he started his own printing works. He developed his printing office into the world’s largest such business.

Inspired by Antwerp being the diamond capital and Plantijn’s arrival during the Golden Century, Pavel Collection’s handbags with diamond-adorned clasps have patterns on the leather that are still found on several wall decorations in Plantijn’s former house in Antwerp. As an extra link to the Golden Century, we use diamonds featuring rose cuts for the clasps can be transformed into earrings.

We, at HRD Antwerp, are proud of all our alumni who take what they learned at HRD Antwerp back to their daily and/or professional life and find inspiration in what we taught them. That’s why we are very pleased to announce that Pavel Collection’s handbags will also be exhibited during the “Diamond Year”.

Pavel Collection’s creative success story is the perfect testimony of what HRD Antwerp is aiming to achieve: guiding and encouraging our students, supplying them with the knowledge and tools to realise dreams.

Whether you opt for a course on diamond grading or gemmology, rough diamond sorting, organic and opaque gems, pearl or jewellery design or any other course, choosing HRD Antwerp as the place to pursue your education ensures you an experience in a unique setting in what is now, and has been for 570 years, the true Diamond Capital of the world.

Let us be proud together.